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Discover renewable power for your human capital management strategies

The premier staffing and consulting partner to government funded, private equity or venture capital-backed organizations in  Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Legal, Education and Customer Experience.

Our Services

Our Corporate Services

Choose from a supplemental option(s) to your existing plan, or a fully customized strategy for long-term optimization. 

Recruitment Strategy

Using a data-driven approach, Talent Doc will augment your existing recruitment strategy, or customize a new one to achieve growth initiatives that are built to rapidly scale. Our approach will provide three specific phases to achieve operational independence for long-term optimization and ROI.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Doc has an amazing team comprised of highly-skilled, extremely experienced, recruiters who understand the significance of powerful hiring. We take a white-gloved approach from start to finish and provide satisfaction beyond industry standards.

People Operations

Using a Theory Y approach, Talent Doc will  map and enhance the employee journey and lifecycle from Recruitment to HR to Onboarding and beyond. This service focuses on connecting individual employee performance through OKRs while keeping employees present, engaged and proud of their career.

Comp & Benefit Analyses

Understanding your market's compensation and benefit offerings is a fundamental tool in attracting and retaining the top talent for your organization. Talent Doc will deliver current, industry-parallel, intelligence to your fingertips, eliminating the guesswork.

DEI & Culture Integrations

A successful Diversity, Equity and inclusion plan requires initiatives that are invested in overtime for continuous evolvement. Talent Doc will help your organization produce a program that will create safety and representation, to foster and maintain a positive culture.

Training & Development

Employee training and development are key  connectors between performance and career satisfaction. At Talent Doc, we offer a wide-array of training and development options to support your people they are prepared to maintain a strong foundation for your organization to stand upon.  

Our Job Seeker Services

Whether you're a physician, biochemical engineer or IT helpdesk administrator, Talent Doc can provide the expertise you're looking for.


At Talent Doc, we understand that a resume or CV gets less than 10 seconds to make a great impression. Our resume writer option will help get you noticed.


We are career planning experts. We are here to assist you in maximizing your potential by understanding the market and by giving you options that truly align with your vision and career expectations.

Interview Preparation

An hour-long interview can be the defining moment in your career, and it's not just about whether you get the offer. The interview will help set the stage for your compensation, and having the confidence for that conversation is key. 

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