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Privacy Policy 2022




Talent Doc is committed to protecting the privacy of personal data and information. This statement summarizes our policy regarding the collection, use and transfer of candidates’ personal data and information, the security measures employed to protect data and information, and corresponding candidates’ rights. Under the terms of this Privacy Policy, Talent Doc asserts its legal basis for collecting and using client and candidates’ personal data and information, those associated processing activities as detailed herein, and the context in which such information is obtained, maintained and protected.  


Purpose for Collecting Data and Information

Use of Personal Data


Talent Doc is a national and international search firm which collects, uses, and stores a variety of personal data and information necessary to provide such consulting services to our clients.

Neither candidate nor client personal information and data will be collected in a way that is

incompatible with this Privacy Policy. Talent Doc will employ best practices and adhere to those

professional duties and obligations to ensure that collected information and data is accurate, complete, current, and reliable for its intended use. Talent Doc does not sell personal information or data.


Candidate Information and Assessment Data


As a potential candidate for one of our search assignments and/or consulting services, categories of personal data collected may include the following: contact information (e-mail address, address, telephone number), career history, education history, social activities, compensation details (where permitted by applicable legislation), professional experience, information relating to references, languages, photographs, individual capabilities, qualifications, preferences, personality, character traits, professional style profile, executive competencies, interview notes as well as interview recordings and transcripts of such recordings (if applicable), offer letters, identification data (civil/marital status, gender, nationality), and contact history. This data may be obtained directly from our candidates, through publicly available sources, professional networking profile, news reports, and/or third parties such as our clients, sources/references, and/or our authorized third-party vendors associated with

background checks and social media searches.


To meet the obligations set forth under our search agreements with our clients and our commitment to ensuring equal opportunities, we collect information about candidates (in appropriate circumstances and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations) which may be classified as diversity information (demographics regarding racial or ethnic background, 


gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or beliefs, and/or socioeconomic background). Under the terms of the search agreement with clients, Talent Doc may be required to share such candidate information.


The assessment data and information can be gathered by Talent Doc as may be necessary to provide our consulting services to clients. This may include assessing a candidates’ suitability for a position as a prospective candidate to potential clients, contacting the Reference and/or verifying the details provided in the candidate profile/professional resume.


Candidates’ personal information will also be shared with third party vendors engaged by Talent Doc to provide services such as reference and education checks, social media searches, and/or background checks, to the extent that these checks performed are appropriate and in accordance with federal and state laws.


Candidates’ information may also be shared with any competent law enforcement, regulatory or

governmental body, or a court of law if necessary to exercise our legal rights, protect individual’s

interests or as required by applicable law.


Candidate Reference Data


If a candidate provides a personal or professional reference (Reference), Talent Doc will collect this information and process contact details, certain professional and employment details (such as title, occupation, qualifications, and employment history) and related connection to the candidate. Talent Doc may collect this information directly from the Reference, the individual candidate, or from publicly available sources. This gathered information is to provide additional and relevant information about the potential candidate, such that as the Reference is connected to, experience with, and/or rendered opinion. Any feedback provided about a candidate would not be attributed to the Reference when shared with clients. Additionally, Talent Doc may use this data and information for other business purposes, including data analytics, benchmarking, and statistical purposes.


Client Data


Talent Doc may also collect and use information about the client and those associated individuals for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations to the client, furthering our business relationship, and conducting business and marketing strategies. Data collected will typically include specific details (such as name, telephone number, email address, job title, and business record related to our consulting services) related to the client and those individuals associated with the search process.


Search Process Talent Doc will process basic personal information about candidates, such as contact details (name, address, email, phone number) and information that would normally be 


included in a curriculum vitae (education history, employment history, professional experience, offer letters, compensation history where permitted by local law, etc.), and competencies, as well as any additional information that may assist us in presenting the best candidate for the most appropriate roles on the basis of legitimate interest. This adopted search process is governed by applicable local legislation, provided the processing of such information is not overridden by privacy interests or candidate’s rights and freedoms as protected by law. Once we proceed to the later stages of the search process, candidates will be requested to sign a consent form allowing us to further process (and share with our clients and third party vendors any information required for background checks, social media searches, reference checking, and/or employment diversity requirements, including any potentially sensitive information that may come to light during interviews, as well as any insights that we may provide to our clients based on the foregoing. If we are unable to obtain candidate’s consent at the relevant stage of the search process, Talent Doc expressly reserves the right to terminate the candidate relationship. The personal data and information will be protected in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Where the Personal Data and Information is Maintained

Corporate Protections


Collected personal data and information is held on Talent Doc’s Confidential and Proprietary Information database, which is accessible to consultants within Talent Doc. To guarantee that the appropriate safeguards for the protection of personal data and information are in place, in addition to privacy practices set out in this Privacy Policy, Talent Doc has established related professional standards under the Operating Agreement and corresponding rules set forth under the Confidential and Proprietary Information Policy. These governing documents are a demonstration of Talent Doc’s commitment to adequately protect personal data and information of candidates.


Talent Doc Convening


In appropriate instances, Talent Doc may contact candidates with an invitation to attend an industry- or role-specific event, such as a dinner or charity event. Candidates who receive these types of communication may opt out of receiving these invitations at any time.


Business and Marketing

Talent Doc may disclose a minimum degree of personal information for internal business purposes. Such business purposes include review of candidates’ demographics, audit procedures, security processes, feedback to enhance performance of services, and other short-term uses. We may retain and use personal information for internal research, benchmarking, and assessing of market trends to provide and further develop consulting services. We may also share candidate data with vetted third-party vendors for analytics purposes in the context of improving our service offerings.


Coaching and Other Consulting Services


In the event such becomes necessary, information may be obtained or gathered during the performance of consulting services, as a result the acquired personal information and/or data is also subject to this Privacy Policy.


Information Security and Integrity


To prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy of data and ensure the proper use of information, Talent Doc has implemented appropriate legal, physical, technical and security procedures to protect the confidentiality of and safeguard the personal information collected, and prevent against accidental releases of information, unauthorized access, or unlawful processing. These measures will be reviewed over time and updated to remain aligned with legal and technological developments.



Talent Doc will retain client and candidates’ personal data and information only for as long as it is needed in connection with the purposes for which it is being collected and used. The following criteria will be used as a guide for retaining information:

  • personal data and information will be retained for as long as we maintain an active relationship with candidate; however, once our relationship with a candidate has concluded, such personal data and information may still be relevant for our current or future business purposes or other client opportunities;

  • If a candidate has been placed into a position, information will be retained for our records and if necessary to exercise or defend our legal rights; or

  • Certain data and information may be required to be retained to demonstrate compliance with client requirements, consulting obligations, and/or applicable legal requirements.


Candidate’s Rights


Candidates have the right to access, erase, correct, update or complete personal data and information. Candidates may request no further contact from Talent Doc. 


Candidates who withdraw consent will not affect any processing performed prior to withdrawal, nor will it affect processing based on lawful processing or other obligations prior to withdrawing consent.


Candidates may further object to the processing of personal data and information and deny access to personal information by third party vendors.


Should a candidate request the removal of personal information and information from the Talent Doc database, please be advised that Talent Doc may retain a minimal amount of personal 


information to adhere to our established information responsibilities and obligations. In this instance the remaining candidate information will be isolated from any further processing.


Candidates are advised that they have right to bring a complaint to the relevant data protection

authority with jurisdiction regarding the collection and use of personal data and information. For more information on how to lodge a complaint, please contact the local protection authority.


Talent Doc will not discriminate against any candidate for exercising any of their rights pertaining to personal data and information.


Material Changes to the Privacy Policy


Talent Doc expressly reserves the right to modify or amend the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. If there are material changes to the Privacy Policy, Talent Doc will post those changes to the website and take appropriate measures to inform candidates of these changes.

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