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About Us

Founders Story

After close to 20 years in talent management, I have learned the difference between what makes me successful and what makes me happy. What makes me successful is undoubtedly my core values of: Transparency, Integrity, Empathy and Accountability (along with a dash of grit). What makes me happy is my ability to truly help. Whether it’s individuals or organizations, the human aspect of what I do doesn't just mean something, it means everything. Taking a new job or hiring a new employee is similar to the vulnerability of stepping into a new relationship. Setting that relationship up for initial success, is where my passion starts. The continuation and cultivation of that relationship, is where my passion extends.

Urban Modern Interior Design

Our Mission

To create the symbiotic teams needed for tomorrow

Our Vision

To purposely put the humanity back into human capital management

Why Choose Us

The talent acquisition portion of human capital management is fundamentally the most important aspect of any organization, unfortunately it is often hit-or-miss and misunderstood. Talent Doc is truly a domestic staffing agency  disrupter. Our primary objective is to remove the guesswork and deliver customized blueprints that become the intellectual property of our partners (often private equity or venture capital-backed); we want our clients to be self-reliant. These blueprints are data-driven, clear, and set to scale cross-departmentally from compensation and recruitment, to culture, performance management and HR.

Meet The Executive Team

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